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I am from Massachusettes and began living a healthy lifestyle influenced by my mother who was a leading fitness professional in my local area at a very young age. A childhood of dancing and roller skating evolved into a high school athletic career focused on track and gymnastics. I became a peer counselor at my local YMCA at 16 and fell in love with the fitness industry. Knowing I wanted to be involved and help others lead a healthy and active lifestyle, I began training all of my friends and was obsessed with make overs. Teenage years can be tough and I wanted to create a body I was comfortable with. Hooked at a young age I could be considered a gymrat, working my part time job and then staying in the gym many late nights lifting weights or sweating on the treadmill.

In 2000 I attended Temple University and gained the traditional freshman 15. Instead of long hours in the gym I was in the cafeteria making friends and socializing. After noticing how my change in lifestyle affected my body, I propelled myself into my work. I began working at Lucille Roberts as a membership advisor and spending late nights sculpting my body and learning more about diet and healthy eating so I could shed the last of my freshman 15. In 2003 I graduated with my bachelors degree in Kinesieology, a hot body, and started working at Lucille Roberts as a personal training manager. In my free time I started traveling into the big Apple for auditions. I started working as a dancer and video girl.

I traveled to LA for my first major gig and was discovered in a night club. I knew I was going to make it and never went back East, I stayed in sunny SoCal to chase fame. My lifestyle started to change as I transitioned from fitness and became focused on print and music videos. Late nights in the gym were replaced with long nights in the club. My weight fluctuated up and down for the next five years. Unable to get it right, I focused my lifestyle on fitness, renewed all my certifications and created the Train with Laine program. After ten years in the sunny city of LA.

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